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Isopure Protein Drink Review – Pure Genius?

Product: Isopure Low Carb Keto Friendly Protein Powder

Price: $41.83

Cheapest Place to Purchase: Amazon

Size of Container: 3lbs

Protein Per Scoop: 25g

Isopure’s Protein Project

The company Isopure is renowned for creating the finest of whey isolate products. Whey isolate is a type of whey, found in the process of making cheese, that holds the most concentration of protein, around 80%-90%. The two other types of whey protein are concentrate and hydrolized, both not keeping nearly enough protein that isolate does. Concentrate whey contains 70%-80% of protein, while hydrolized whey has less than that.

With that said, Isopure’s Low-carb protein powder has many things to offer as you will see to come, especially from their powerful slogan that goes along with their protein powder.

Nutrition Label/Ingredients

About the nutrition label, it is apparent that Isopure is a keto-friendly protein powder.  Keto is a low carb, high fat diet which forces the body to run off its stores of fat instead of carbohydrates. From experience, I can say it works like a charm, especially when paired with Intermittent Fasting). With only 1g of carbs in the package, it is safe to say, that this protein is very suitable for keto or any low carb diet.

Riboflavin:  The substance riboflavin helps your body convert fats, carbs, and proteins from food to energy.  Also known as vitamin B2, riboflavin also helps to produce niacin (Vitamin B3) and pyridoxine (Vitamin B6). Along with that, it is vital for the development and function of cells in our body.

Cyanocobalamin: Cyanocobalamin is a human-made form of Vitamin B12 that people seem to get enough of in their regular diets. The function of this substance is to keep your blood cells, nerves, and metabolism in good shape.

Folic Acid: Folic acid is needed for the proper development of the human body, for it produces DNA and several other bodily functions. Along with that, Folic Acid placed in foods is used for preventing and treating low blood levels.

Hydrochloride: Hydrochloride, also known as pyridoxine, is a component of your body that helps convert food into fuel, metabolize proteins and fats and maintain your nerves functioning properly.

Sucralose:  Sucralose is a zero-calorie artificial sweetener. It is not however considered a sugar; it is regarded as a class of compounds called chlorocarbons (carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, chlorine)

Keto Buddy

As stated before, Isopure’s Low-Carb protein powder is not only a superb supplement for boosting your protein intake, but it fits right into any low carb or even Keto diet. The point of a keto/low-carb diet is to use your fat stores as energy instead of using carbohydrates, your body’s primary source of energy. To use your fat as energy, the amount of carbs you consume must be kept to a minimum which is where Isopure’s protein excels.


By using fat as energy, you lose weight at a rapid speed compared to other diets. The lower the carbs, the less amount of time your body needs to end up using your fat stores in order to burn off fat. Keto is a diet used primarily for weight management, mainly in losing weight.

Flavorful Choices

With this low-carb protein, it offers a wide variety of flavors for the consumer to enjoy whenever he/or she would like their taste buds to explore. Many of these flavors are not typical flavors for proteins, such as the beautiful Apple Pie, or the Colombian Coffee, and let’s not forget Dutch Chocolate. Along with these flavors, Isopure does offer the classic characters all protein powders use like Cookies and Cream or Creamy Vanilla.


In conclusion, Isopure’s low-carb protein powder is a fantastic supplement for not only athletes or weight trainers but the “athletes, by profession.” With all the fabulous flavors of protein, you’re bound to find s taste you’ll enjoy for a very long time.

Got a question on Isopure’s Low-Carb protein or any experiences with it? Leave it down below!

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