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Product: Signature Protein Bars 

Price: $20.00

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Size of Container: 12 Bars

Protein Per Bar: 20g

Signature Bars

As my personal favorite company to buy supplements from, is a brand I put my full trust in. After creating a protein powder, it’s only right for there to be Protein Bars. I found out that created their own bars when I got their signature whey protein powder in the mail, and a complimentary “cookies and cream” bar came in the same package. The bar came in a little melted, but to be fair, it was pretty warm. However, I still tasted it, and I’d like to talk about what I think of’s signature bars. Protein Bars - Signature Snack

Nutrition Facts

Let’s dive straight into the nitty-gritty of the protein bar by analyzing the nutritional aspects of the protein bars, along with the ingredients used in it. A lot of the ingredients in a protein bar are similar to those of a protein shake. Protein Bars - Signature Snack
Three extraordinary things to point out here from the protein bars, the protein, sugar, and fiber. It should be standard that the protein is of high amount, a solid 20 grams for each bar. Conventional protein bars usually have a decent amount of sugar, ranging about 20 or so grams per bar. With’s signature bars, the sugar amount is quite low, totaling to about 5 grams of sugars. Bars like this provide a sweet treat while not derailing your diet and nutrition.

Not to mention the 5 grams of fiber from each serving. The fiber adds even more saiation to the bar combined with the protein. Fiber takes a while to move through your digestive system so it will be in your body for a while, keeping you full longer. Not only does it keep your appetite quiet, but it’s good for your digestive health also. Protein Bars - Signature Snack

Lovely Convenience and Taste

Probably the most significant advantage a protein bar has over a protein bar is the time it takes to ready it to consume. Indeed, both products don’t take very long to prepare, and you can make either one of them pretty fast, but one’s faster than the other. With protein powder, you must grab your shaker cup, fill it up with a liquid like water or milk, and then scoop your powder right in. After scooping it in, you still have to shake it for a bit, and then it goes down the hatch. It’s quick and straightforward, how our society likes things today.

Our society is going to love protein bars then. When eating a Signature protein bar, or any bar for that matter, you grab it, open it, and much away. That whole process takes no longer than 5 seconds, faster than a protein powder, but just as effective. The bar has 20 grams of protein, just as much as a scoop of many protein powders. A protein bar can easily be saved for later, too, can’t say the same about protein powder. After a while, a protein powder can go bad if you leave it in your cup for too long. Just for the record, I still love protein powders. Protein Bars - Signature Snack also has to offer delicious flavors on their signature bars. The flavor I got for free with my protein powder was “cookies and cream” in all its melted glory due to the heat being radiated by the sun that warm summer day. Even melted, the bar still tasted outstanding, creamy chocolatey goodness for my tastebuds. I can only imagine how it would taste if it was solid and not almost liquid. There are 6 total flavors you have to choose from, including “cookies and cream,” “chocolate chip cookie dough,” and even “cinnamon roll.

Fork Over Some Cash

I didn’t necessarily buy my protein bar since it came free with the protein powder that I did buy, but the price needs to be discussed. At the grocery store, you can pick up a protein bar at around $2 on average. That seems like a reasonable price, but I still think it’s a little overpriced for a bar. I thought grocery bars were a bit overpriced, but then I looked at’s pricing on their protein bars. The cost of one protein bar is $4.99, just a single bar. Protein Bars - Signature Snack
That’s pretty expensive already, at least for a protein bar. But that’s not even adding up the shipping and the tax you need to pay for to get it delivered. At checkout, the price totals up to around $10. Me personally, I think that is outrageous for a protein bar, a single one at least. also has packs of 12 bars, that cost around $20, making each bar costing about $2. Now that’s the deal I recommend to you, buy a single bar if you like forking over more money.


In conclusion, the bars are of marvelous quality and taste, there’s no arguing about that. The thing that’s worth arguing over and debating about is the price on the bars. One bar on its own is just short of egregious, but a pack of 12 is very reasonable. If you’re looking for a great protein bar for easy protein, you should check out’s signature bars here. Signature Protein Bars

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  1. Lee

    I think BodyBuilding Protein bars are great bars and a good supplement for before and between workouts. The two negatives is the amount of sugar and the cost. You really can’t get away from sugar in almost any protein bar but it is a concern for health issues. The price i a little high but they are good quality and you get what you pay for. 

    • Jose Gallegos

      Hey Lee:

      Yes, the price is short of ludicrous. The sugar is a common aspect of any protein bars, but some have less than others, just got to find the right ones!

  2. Eric

    Thank you for the post on protein.  I am big into diet and was also very big on protein intake when I was a D1 athlete.  I took a lot of different stuff but now that I look back at my playing days, I look back to my diet.  Now I am trying to be a vegan and abstain from animal products.  It is difficult at times but I am happy with this new diet.  I would love to know if you are aware of any vegan protein bars?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks for the help.

    • Jose Gallegos

      Hey Eric:

      For sure man! Actually, my favorite protein bar, the one I take every day, is actually made of Hemp protein, perfect for vegans. I didn’t even realize it until recently. It’s from the Clif Bars Builder Protein collection, chocolate mint is the flavor for me. I’ll make a review on it soon, so look out for that. 

  3. Travis

    I have always been a fan of Cliff bars, which are tasty and have a variety of flavors so that I never get too bored of a flavor. They do not have as much protein as these bars though, so I am interested in trying them out. I would definitely get the bigger pack though, I do the same with the Cliff bars, they are much more affordable when you buy them in bulk. The cookies and cream has my name all over it! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Md. Asraful Islam

    The writer here mentions the protein bar needed for human bodybuilding.The author here mentions the Protein Bar Signature Snack.For those who want to do bodybuilding, this protein bar signature snack is a must. Those who regularly participate in bodybuilding can eat this signature snack one for the most up-to-date protein.It is as nutritious as it is delicious.

    My little uncle exercises for bodybuilding and eats this signature as well.If you agree with me on my social media to explain to everyone the importance of this protein-rich signature snack for bodybuilding.

  5. Harish

    Hello,Probably the most significant advantage a protein bar has over a protein bar is the time it takes to ready it to consume. While reading I know that a protein bar can easily be saved for later, too, can’t say the same about protein powder. After a while, a protein powder can go bad if you leave it in your cup for too long. The bars are of marvelous quality and taste

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